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 Accepted Hero Suggestions

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PostSubject: Accepted Hero Suggestions   Accepted Hero Suggestions Icon_minitimeSun May 11, 2008 4:49 pm

Arcangel10, Ninja Leaver
HP: ??? | Mana: ???
Atk: Melee | Atk Dmg: ???
Armor: ??? | Move Speed: ???
Model: Archangel, DL Link
Ditch - CD: High - Mana Cost:

Hawk240, Jester
HP: ??? | Mana: ???
Atk: Melee | Atk Dmg: ???
Armor: ??? | Move Speed: ???
Models: Illidan, Evil Illlidan
"Aim To Impress!" - CD: High - Mana Cost:
Hawk240 dashes at select target, rendering himself invisible until contact— striking all units on the way in a range of 300 from the line-to-target, instantly—then conclusively appearing behind the enemy striking a deadly blow, slowing target's move speed by 5%.

Mockery - Range: 500
Hawk240 is so childish, that when he retorts to comments made by an enemy exactly as said, they are destined to permanently follow him until they've successfully afflicted 10% of the hero's hp in damage; once this is done, the player regains control of their hero. Lasts for 40 seconds.
NOTE: Player can type "-mcreeppullon" to activate the pulling of creeps in the vicinity of 650, and "-mcreepulloff" to only pull herores.

Daemonic Ascension

Thunderbelcher, Mana Skink
HP: ??? | Mana: ???
Atk: Ranged (700) | Atk Dmg: 1 - 3
Armor: ??? | Move Speed: ???
Models: Skink, Thunder Lizard
Special; Lightning's Blessing - Passive
Grants the hero Magic Immunity at level 1, 60% magic resistance at level 2, 50% magic resistance at level 3, and 30% magic resistance at level 2, and 15% at level 5.
- -
Thunder Warding - Toggle, Mana Draining - Mana Cost: - CD:
All surrounding units take damage equal to this hero's life, times 1.5, per ball of lightning.

Lightning's Deliverance
All units which inflict damage on this unit (including friendly fire), are struck by a bolt of lightning dealing damage based on how much mana is in the hero's mana pool at the the time this was activated by the target.

SetaSoujirou, Blunt Pwner
HP: ??? | Mana: ???
Atk: Melee | Atk Dmg: ???
Armor: ??? | Move Speed: ???
Models: Dark Ronin, <DL Link Pending>
Edge Of Pwnage - Casting Range: 700 - AoE (300) - Mana Cost: High - CD: Long
After one second of channeling after casted, SetaSojirou concentrates so hard, that he falls into a deep meditative state which, in order to pwn noobs the hardest, splits his corporeal form full of anger, and sends forth his instinctive incorporeal ghost clear of distraction. While channeling (to a maximum of 3.5 seconds), the corpreal hero withstands 400% of damage from all pysical sources, and 150% damage from all magical sources, as well as +100 MS, +50% Atk Speed.
Corpreal unit has a 90% to silence struck units, and a 90% chance to cause targets surroudning the incorpreal unit a DoT dealing X damage over Y seconds.
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Accepted Hero Suggestions
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