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 Hero Suggestions - Post Yourself, As A Hero!

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Hero Suggestions - Post Yourself, As A Hero! Empty
PostSubject: Hero Suggestions - Post Yourself, As A Hero!   Hero Suggestions - Post Yourself, As A Hero! Icon_minitimeSun May 11, 2008 4:44 pm

Post yourself as a hero, and if it fits, I may enter you into UAoS!

<Guidelines coming soon>
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Hero Suggestions - Post Yourself, As A Hero! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hero Suggestions - Post Yourself, As A Hero!   Hero Suggestions - Post Yourself, As A Hero! Icon_minitimeMon May 12, 2008 8:40 pm

Well..here goes XD

Name - Hitaroe Zenith
Description - Lazy sage who failed every Sage academy he ever entered.
Lack of ability was not a problem it was merely effort needed. One thing Hitaroe
did excel in was summoning. He saw a very practical use for it considering that he could
summon beings to do everything for him. Hitaroe became even lazier but his summoning
abilities were far above normal.

Ability Name1 - Summon
Description - Summons X amount of Pure Strength, X amount of Fast Units, X amount of sages
units to pound others. Permanent until Death.
(Slow-Moving and slow attacking but Lots of dmg and health/armor - Tanks, Agility Low Health/Armor but FAST
Sages Have Basic Summon spells (Wards, Wolves, etc.)

Ability Name2 - Random Summon
Description - Sometimes Hitaroe even gets lazy summoning things and doesn't care what he summons.
(Only 1 Summon - Random between Strength/Agility/Sage/Demon(mix of all 3 traits))

Ability Name3 - On/Off- Escape Summon
Description - Makes a Zeppelin (or something similar) that constantly drains mana and moves the hero X speed away back to base.
(Basically a escape that Takes a bit of dmg for Hitaroe and allows him some Escape thingy)

ULTIMATE - Rage Summon
Description - Hitaroe being Consumed by rage uses an X% of Health and Mana to summon A massively Powerful Army.
X amounts of Demons per sec, last X amount of Time, Channeling Max amount X

NOTE: Hitaroe is very fragile. Slow Movement, slow Attack speed, Little Health/armor, and bad attack dmg. COMPLETELY reliant on Summons to for everything.
High Intel and Mana
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Hero Suggestions - Post Yourself, As A Hero!
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