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PostSubject: Weyrling Alt Avatar   Weyrling Alt Avatar Icon_minitimeThu May 22, 2008 1:32 pm

My avatar's normal form is that of a large dragon, one of the dragon's abilities is limited shape-shifting, most noticeable is that this shape-shifting requires an enormous amount of power to shift mass. This can only be undertaken once in awhile so it allows me to add my actual avatar to a game in a balanced manner. So I don't go wtfpwnhax on everybody with a 60m tall dragon.

Start Health 100 (Plus Strength)
Life Regeneration 2
Armor 1
Move Speed 325
Attack Slashing; 20-25; 1 (Type; Base Damage; Cooldown)
Str 18+2
Agi 39+3.75
Int 43+2.25
Total 100+8
Description Weyrling periodically shifts into a humanoid form for several months at a time, this is for multiple purposes. First of which is so that he can properly read and write human books to store his knowledge. He also enjoys learning the arts of war, combat, and human magicks. In human form, Weyrling is a master swordsman, and is no slouch in the human disciplines of Thaumaturgy and Evocation.

Innate Swordsmanship - Weyrling wields his sword with as much skill and grace as any human alive, this allows him to exploit weaknesses in the enemies' defenses, cut past armor, and divert close range assaults.
Effect 25% x1.75 critical, reduces enemy armor by 3 on hit, has a 35% chance to reduce incoming damage by 50%.

More to come soon
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