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 Dawn of Heroes - Revised

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PostSubject: Dawn of Heroes - Revised   Dawn of Heroes - Revised Icon_minitimeSun Jul 27, 2008 12:21 am

Dawn of Heroes:
You control either a Spirit or Ghost and take control of spawned allied units which fight in an AoS format.
The game-play has always had a problem of repetition.
The random, class-based spells, no matter how many I may implement are simply not rewarding enough to motivate a player to victory. This goes the same for more unit types.

This is my solution:
Unique Ghost and Spirit types most probably taking the form of various elements.
These new units will level up as Heroes do.
The spells that your Ghost or Spirit "teaches" to the targeted unit will no longer be random, but will be determined by that Unique Ghost or Spirit type AND the controlled unit type.

A Player has chosen Zodiox, a celestial entity, as their unique unit.
Should that Player take control over an Enchantress, that Enchantress will learn a cosmic (determined by Zodiox) and mage (determined by the Enchantress) based skill-set. The level of those skills AND any stat bonuses to that unit receives will be equivalent to Zodiox's level.

Further details:

I'll spare you these as there is a lot at debate here. One thing I will make clear is that while leveling, players will be able to choose which skills level up through their unique unit. The unique unit, or in the earlier case, Zodiox, will have a dummy set of skills which the player may level up, but, (for now) will have no effect in game. These levels that the player picks will only be used to determine any controlled units abilities in a First, Second, Third, and Ultimate format.

Thanks for the read and I'd love to hear your reponces
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PostSubject: Re: Dawn of Heroes - Revised   Dawn of Heroes - Revised Icon_minitimeSun Jul 27, 2008 3:52 am

Reply HEAVILY (I'm sure) later, but glad to see you're back Ex.
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Dawn of Heroes - Revised
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