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 The Voidkeeper

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PostSubject: The Voidkeeper   The Voidkeeper Icon_minitimeThu Apr 03, 2008 4:35 pm

Suggested Hero (Subject to much change)

Innate - Creature of Void
Type Passive Damage Limit
Effect Can only take a certain amount of damage, ignoring all damage above the limit.
Description The Voidkeeper is a Creature of the endless Void, the darkness between all things. He exists partially in the Void as he exists in our world, he is impossible to destroy in a single strike, as one can only strike a part of him at any moment.
I will think up the proper numbers later

Elite - Strike of the Void
Type Non-Targeted Multiple Strike
Effect The Voidkeeper phases powerful Void creatures next to 3/4/5 nearby enemies.
Description The Voidkeeper manipulates the Void itself to phase several powerful Void creatures into the material world temporarily. Enraged, they immediately attack a nearby enemy.

Ultimate - The Endless Nothing
Type Non-Targeted AoE Damage/Disable
Casting Time 2 seconds
Duration 4 seconds
Effect Has a 20% chance to kill each creep within range each second (Including Allied). Deals 200 - (Hero Int) damage per second to all enemy heroes.
Description The Voidkeeper uses a powerful telepathic and empathic technique to force upon his foes the entire scope of the Void itself, overwhelming them. Unfortunately, this has the side effect of reducing his intelligence to 0 for 5/10/14 seconds, having completely expended his mental powers.
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The Voidkeeper
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